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Pat Harvey, LCSW-C, is a licensed clinical social worker living and practicing in Rockville, Maryland. She is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers and a Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical in the state of Maryland. Pat is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and The Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Her unique practice is dedicated solely to helping parents and family members whose loved ones have emotional challenges.



Awareness and Acceptance, in this moment and without judgment, of "what is," enables you to recognize opportunities and possibilities for the future. Likewise, accepting someone you love, in this moment and without judgment, no matter how difficult life with him/her is, no matter what the problems are, will enable change and growth and allows the future to be different. Pat has developed a supportive, non-blaming, non-judgmental and validating way to help family members of loved ones who have emotional challenges.


If you are the parent, sibling, or spouse of someone who has emotional dysregulation/mental illness, you can learn skills and strategies that will help you communicate, interact and effectively support your loved one. You will also learn how to stay out of the emotional vortex created by intense emotions and safely manage and de-escalate situations. Pat uses a DBT framework to coach family members and is passionate about  how DBT and DBT skills can be helpful to us all. These skills have changed her life, personally and professionally, and she wants you to be able to use them to improve your life situation as well. 

"People need acceptance in order to change."

You can hear Pat's philosophy in the interview

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Watch Pat talk about DBT and parenting on Montgomery Community Media TV program, Forward Motion.

"Accept your reality in this moment and continue to hope for change in the future."

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