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Parents whose children (of any age) show signs of intense emotion or emotional dysregulation find themselves facing situations that they feel totally unprepared to manage. They may have a child whose behaviors include suicide attempts or self-harm, verbal or physical aggression, stealing, abusing substances or who may feel so anxious or depressed that he/she is unable to go to school, or work or leave the house. Parents may feel a range of feelings including sadness, anger, disappointment, frustration, helplessness, hopelessness, grief or despair. Pat provides a safe, non-blaming and validating place for parents to express their concerns while she also provides concrete and practical guidance and strategies for managing these difficult and painful situations.


Pat provides up to three consultations that will help parents understand and respond most effectively to the situations in the home that are causing the most difficulties. Pat can teach skills and strategies for managing difficult situations and help parents to figure out the most effective ways that they can be helpful to their child (of any age). These consultations provide support and guidance to parents.


From her many years of working with, and listening to, parents, Pat is sensitive to how painful life is for the parent of a child who has emotional challenges. Her emphasis on both parenting and the life experience of the parent creates a unique environment for parents in which their own feelings, perspectives and experiences are as important to the process as those of their child.


Pat’s goal as she teaches “parenting from the perspective of the parent” is to help parents feel more hopeful, more empowered and better equipped to help their child. With the ultimate goal of helping parents to have a better sense of how to respond and help their child to have a safer and healthier, it is Pat’s hope that she helps every family member be able to live a calmer, more peaceful and fulfilling life.

All appointments are currently occurring on Zoom.


Pat provides international coaching and consultation. Contact Pat through this website to set up an appointment so that you can receive phone guidance and support.



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