Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical
Rockville, Maryland
If you are the parent, sibling, caregiver, or spouse of someone who has
emotion dysregulation/mental illness, you can learn DBT skills in Pat's
supportive, accepting, and validating  environment.
Pat is a founding member
The Metro DC DBT
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"Marsha Linehan developed Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help people whose inability to manage
emotions affects their ability to regulate the resulting behaviors.  In 2001, I (Pat Harvey) began to teach
DBT skills to the parents of adolescents and young adults living in DBT residential group homes....(in that
group) I learned about the overwhelming emotions parents feel when their children suffer from emotion the parents learned skills to help their children, it became clear that these skills were
helping them manage many aspects of their own very difficult lives as well....
" (from Parenting  a Child
Who Has Intense Emotions)
Since 2001, Pat has devoted her professional life to helping parents and family
members use DBT skills  to interact and communicate more effectively, and to
training and consulting with professionals on the benefits of DBT as an effective
treatment framework. Along the way, Pat has become passionate about how
helpful DBT skills can be to all of us. These skills have changed her life...  
professionally and personally.
Awareness and Acceptance, in this moment and without judgment, of
"what is," enables you to recognize opportunities and possibilities for
the future. Likewise, accepting someone you love, in this moment and
without judgment, no matter how difficult life with him/her is, will
enable change and growth and allows the future to be different.
Acceptance and change is at the core of what DBT is all about.
If you are a client looking for direct DBT services, please contact Pat's colleagues
at the
Metro DBT Consortium
" Dialectical Behavior Therapy for At-Risk Adolescents: A Practitioner's Guide to
Treating Challenging Behavior Problems"
 co-authored by Britt Rathbone, LCSW-C. is
now available...Go to
DBT for At-Risk Adolescents for more information.
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* To hear a podcast of Pat's interview with ADAA  in which she talks about  DBT
skills with children, adolescents and parents, follow the link below:
Pat Harvey talks about DBT    
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